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Bio Written by Armin H. Ausejo

Mackey: a name synonymous with photography, digital artistry, automotive enthusiasm, and entrepreneurship. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Josh Mackey’s roots lie in the area’s unique automotive enthusiast culture. As a member of Team Mospeed, Mackey not only showed off his car and won trophies, but he also first picked up a camera and dove deep into the world of automotive photography. With his ambitious nature and skill behind the lens, his work soon caught the eyes of national and international magazine editors, ultimately leading to scores of magazine features and covers, awards, and even his own co-written book. His attention to detail also translated into his talents for graphic design and user experience, resulting in a distinct style that’s often replicated, but definitely never duplicated.

I worked with Mackey for a number of years, as he took me under his wing while I began my own career in photography. His mentorship not only helped me improve and develop my own skills, but we became great friends and established an uncanny professional synergy. Together with a handful of like-minded local car enthusiasts, we founded in May 2010, with Mackey doing the vast majority of the heavy lifting. Mackey solidified a consistent, high quality brand and message through his marketing of, eventually growing the company into the definitive automotive lifestyle organization in the Pacific Northwest.

Coming off the success, Mackey then started to take his disposition of being motivated constantly to an international audience. All of’s designs are the brainchild of Mackey himself, highlighting his distinctive style while appealing to the masses well outside of the automotive market. He continues to push the limits of his photographic and artistic abilities, drawing inspiration from his photographer peers and those who already walked the path before him. I'm quite proud to consider Mackey my friend, colleague, and mentor, and I honestly believe that no job or task is too big or difficult for him to handle.

On Mackey's leisure time, he shares a happy home with his wife Jescelynn and his son Jackson James, or shares some Jameson with his closest friends. Many thanks from Mackey go to all of his family, friends and peers for their consistent support.

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