The most important part of your business should be your brand identity. Are you relaying the right message to your customers? Is your content tailored to drive education and awareness of your product? Regardless if I'm starting a new or rejuvenating an existing brand, rest-assured I have the experience to deliver.

Graphic Design

Logo & Branding | Advertising & Marketing | UX Design

The ability to craft your look with your messaging takes an experienced designer. I take pride in my ability to deliver excellent marketing materials regardless of the platform. I can design business cards, flyers, direct mailers, online ads, content & more.

Event Planning

Production | Sponsorship | Budget

Over the past 15 years, I have produced and/or co-produced over 20 events ranging from small gatherings to events catering up to 10,000 attendees. Being able to manage over 20 staff members, logistics, budgets, vendors & more is something I take very seriously & maintain a high level of professionalism.

Web Development

Concept/Design | E-Commerce | Online Tools

The internet is always evolving with new tools & platforms to use to make web creation much easier. I have experience using the latest platforms & apps to build streamlined, mobile & desktop ready websites that perform. Understanding integrations & making functional beautiful is important to me.

Photos are easy to come by nowadays with the upgrades in technology, but don't let that fool you. Great content & product images can make or a break a campaign. With over 20 years experience, I can coordinate & produce, shoot & deliver high-end materials. I am trusted by clients such as Mazda USA, Mercedes-Benz and over a dozen different print publications.


Product Design | Sourcing | Packaging Supplies & Design

Having an experienced sourcing manager can save you a lot of time and trouble. I have the ability to not only design product, but work with reliable vendors both overseas & domestic to insure timely & cost-effective delivery.

Social Media Management

Creation | Business Platforms | Content Creation & Distribution

Social media is an ever growing landscape that is constantly evolving. It's not important to have your presence on all platforms, but picking which platforms to use wisely & maximizing your time & money on them. I have experience managing multiple business accounts through Facebook's Business Manager tool.


New Customer Acquisition | Demographics  | Asset Management

A successful building block for any business is finding out who your customer really is. Who are they? How much do they make? Where do they work? What do they like to do? Being able to find this out and learn your costs of acquisition are extremely important in making sure your message is being delivered to the right people.

Applications & Hardware

Below you will find a list of applications I am familiar and/or very experienced with. This is not a comprehensive list.

Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud
Photoshop - Illustrator - inDesign - Dreamweaver - Premiere Pro - Bridge

Professional Photography Equipment
Nikon - Canon - Sony - Paul C. Buff - Profoto

Microsoft Office Suite
Word - Excel - Outlook - Powerpoint

3D Design Software
Google SketchUp - Autodesk Fusion 360

Operating Systems
Windows - Mac OS - iOS - Android

Social Media
Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Google Apps
Gmail - Docs - Drive - Analytics