Managing social media is no easy task with all the different platforms and the "never sleeps" pace it's known for. Understanding what platforms to use, how to use them and taking advantage of the multiple tools and apps to make social media management easier is very important.

I am familiar with most, if not all social media platforms, but specialize in the top 3.


Facebook is the undeniable leader in social media for both the amount of active users but also from managing your businesses presence online. Understanding how the platform works and the massive amount of tools available is important. Below are some tools that I use to manage businesses on Facebook.

  • Creation & Maintenance -  Design of Facebook Pages
  • Content Creation - Understanding the uses and differences between the different post styles to generate more engagement.
  • Facebook Location Management - Understand how to create and link multiple business locations to one singular brand page for complete brand control and content distribution.
  • Facebook Business Manager - Understanding the backend tools for business management from ads, reports, page management and more.
  • Facebook Ads - Understanding how to place ads using very detailed demographics and/or selecting the best and most appropriate ads for reach and engagement.


Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing and evolving social media platforms. Instagram is very different than Facebook in terms of how it's users interact with content and the ability to reach them with little to no cost is a nice benefit if you have a good system in place.

  • Creation & Maintenance - Understanding how to set up your Instagram profile for maximum accessibility and having the right descriptions and links in place.
  • Content Management - Instagram is a very fast platform so it's important to have consistent engaging content in front of users.
  • Tools & Apps - There are several third party applications and tools that make life on Instagram easier. Both in terms of creating a bigger following and management of posts.
  • Advertising - Instagram, which is owned by Facebook uses the same Ad Platform, which makes life easier, but still understanding how Instagram differs from Facebook is important when it comes to advertising.


Twitter, while it has seen better days is still considered on the top of the list purely based on the amount of users it has on a daily basis. Twitter, more known for its breaking news and updates can be a powerful tool if leveraged right. Celebrities, politicians, news outlets and more use it to push their own messaging, understanding if or how Twitter can work for your business is important.

  • Creation & Maintenance - Every business should have a twitter account, regardless if you plan to use it or not.
  • Content Management - Developing content for Twitter can be tricky with the character limits and limited reach so crafting the right message is important.
  • Tools & Apps - Just like Instagram, there are tools and apps that can help managing Twitter easier.
  • Advertising - Having run multiple ad campaigns for Twitter over the years, I highly do not recommend it, but there are times where it might be useful or required.

Other notable social media platforms I am familiar with:

Pinterest - Snapchat - LinkedIn - Reddit - Tumblr - WhatsApp - Google+ - Flickr - YouTube - Vimeo