Urban Float + Shark Tank

Urban Float on Shark Tank, Joe Beaudry, Scott Swerland, Kevin O’Leary


Starting in 2014, and the four years following I developed the branding, look and feel of Urban Float. The best Floatation (Sensory Deprivation) Therapy Spa chain in the US. I am especially excited to see that amount of hard work pay off as the co-founders will present their business to a panel of successful, famous investors on the hit ABC PrimeTime show, Shark Tank.

The co-founders, Joe Beaudry and Scott Swerland did an amazing job creating an up-scale, but welcoming spa for their customers. As Marketing Manager, it was my responsibility to develop the Brand Identity which had to be welcoming and informative. This is always a challenge in any business - but especially so when dealing with a new service in a new industry. The brand evolved several times in look and its message in my four years with the company in what culminated in what I called a bold + beautiful look. Educational design with clean & vibrant colors that showcased the service in its true form.

I am extremely proud of the work I did with Urban Float and look forward to watching the team on ABC’s Shank Tank this Sunday, 3/17/19 at 10pm.

Full press release below.

Executives from Seattle-based Urban Float are preparing to hook some sharks when they pitch their flotation therapy spa on ABC-TV’s Shark Tank March 17.

Urban Float CEO Scott Swerland and COO Joe Beaudry opened Urban Float six years ago. The company now has four locations in Seattle, one in Tacoma and one in Vancouver, Washington. It also operates in Ohio, Texas and Delaware, with plans to expand into more states in coming years.

Clients float in a water-filled sensory deprivation pod, which the company says can offer stress relief and can also be used to treat pain management. It says recently published studies say floating can have lasting physical, mental and emotional benefits.

The show has already been taped, but viewers must watch to see if any “Shark” wants to invest in the concept. Swerland says appearing on the show gives the company “international” exposure.

“We created Urban Float six years ago to bring the benefits of float therapy to our community,” says Swerland. “The opportunity to share our story, along with the mental, physical and emotional benefits of float therapy on this platform is just unbelievable."